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How Active Member Dues Are Calculated For 2014

Print circulation
Daily - $35 per M up to 70 M; $10.50 per M over 70,000; minimum $450
Weekly - $10 per M up to 70 M; $3 per M over 70,000; minimum $450

Digital Uniques
85ยข per M; minimum $225
Group newspapers with one website are only charged the digital unique fee once

Group Discount
Newspapers under common ownership that are published out of the same office receive a 20% discount for the second and subsequent members.

Dues are billed according to the new basis, but no dues will decrease, and any increase will be capped at 15% over 2013.


A calculator has been provided below to assist in estimating 2014 FPA membership dues. Please have the following information ready before downloading the dues calculator.

  1. Total print circulation (total paid circulation or total distributed if free)
  2. Total digital uniques (total monthly unique visitors on website)
  3. 2013 dues (amount you paid in dues for 2013)

Note: This calculator is provided as a tool to estimate your 2014 membership dues. It is designed for informational purposes only. Estimates are based on information entered and are not a guarantee of the actual amount owed. Your official invoice will be generated based on information submitted on the Dues Computation Worksheet. All information is subject to verification.


2014 Dues Calculator
Dues Computation Worksheet

Associate Members
The membership fee for Associate Members is $315.

Online Members
The membership fee for Online Members is $500.